Face Shields and Visors in Malta


Face shields and Visors have become one of our most popular PPE products in Malta. The Government of Malta has relaxed restrictions on the opening of non-essential retail outlets, provided all staff and customers have masks or visors on. PPE Malta has all the necessary products in stock, ready to be collected or delivered on a same day basis. To purchase face shields for the cheapest prices in Malta click the below button and be taken straight to our order form. 

Order Face shields for just €4 from PPE Malta now


Many retail staff are reporting that they prefer wearing a visor for a longer period when compared to a mask. The benefit of a face shield or visor is that it allows facial expressions to be visible and allows easier communication between staff and customers. Having a mask also muffles the voice of the wearer, particularly persons who are softly spoken. A visor allows easier communication both verbally and allows lip reading and facial expressions to be reflected.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is constantly updating the Covid-19 guidance based on the latest studies available. It has been suggested that Corona virus can be transmitted through the fluid contained in the eyes contacting infected particles in the air. It is not practical for retail employees to wear goggles for a full shift or day at work so a visor or face shield is the next best thing. A face shield ensures the entire face including eyes, mouth and nose are all covered.

A contributing factor to the popularity of the face visor is the fact that it can be worn in addition to a regular mask as and when required. The visor comes with a protective coating on both sides to ensure that no blemishes or marks incurred in transportation/delivery will negatively impact the visibility of the wearer. Additionally, visors can be worn for weeks or even months provided they are cleaned regularly and suffer no damage to the product.


Face Shield

How much do Face Shields or Face Visors cost?

Despite unprecedented demand across Europe (and beyond), PPE Malta have stock of Visors in hand ready for immediate delivery or collection. Our products comply with all EU regulations and have passes stringent quality control tests. Each visor comes with a certificate of authenticity verifying it has been made in accordance with all the necessary standards.

Whilst the government set a price cap of €5 per unit, we offer our face shields at a significant reduction to that. Many other outlets are selling the face shields and visors in Malta at high prices and taking advantage of the demand. We have managed to secure a large supply of the product and our prices start at just €4. This means that are proudly offering the cheapest face shields in Malta and Gozo and most importantly have stock available. For persons order 50 units and over the price reduces further to just €3.50 per unit and makes our prices very attractive when compared to other suppliers. 

Order Face shields for just €4 from PPE Malta now


As more and more workplaces are re-opening we are experiencing tremendous demand for Face shields and Visors in Malta. We are doing our very best to maintain adequate stock levels but orders are being received 24/7. To ensure your workforce have the correct PPE to return safely to work please place your order for Face shields or Visors as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. If you have any queries please email info@ppemalta.com to contact our team.


5 Reasons Visors / Shields are more popular than Facemasks:


1) Visors are more comfortable if being worn over a long day/shift at work

2) Face shields can be re-used unlimited times provided they are cleaned/maintained

3) Visors do not muffle or interfere with verbal communication

4) Face shields protect the eyes unlike traditional masks

5) Facial expressions are visible when wearing a visor unlike when wearing a mask

Click to find out more information about face shields in Malta and the individual pricing. At this time we only stock adult sized face shields. They can be worn by children over the age of 12 but it is unlikely will fit younger children due to the head strap size.  Customers can also order visors via our online page by submitting the relevant information and our sales team will get back to you. For immediate assistance please call 99990566 during office hours. 


Face Shields and Visors in Malta key details

· Protective Plastic Face Shield

· AKA Face Mask, Face Visor, Dental Face Shield, Facial Visor, Facial Mask

· Quantity: Minimum order 1 unit

· Anti-fog Clear Face Shield

· Adjustable Head Straps

· Cushioned area against the forehead

· Fits Most Heads

· Offers Good Face Protection

· Material: Plastic

· Please Dispose of Face Shield Responsibly


Order Face shields for just €4 from PPE Malta now