Visors for Church and Mass in Malta


This post contains information about Visors for Church and how many people are using Face shields for Mass in Malta. To adhere with government guidelines a number of persons have contacted us for a product that they can wear when attending mass during the week. Face shields are ideal to receive the host as the wearer does not need to remove the product from their face. With masks the wearer must remove the mask to receive the host and as such the face shield is a very popular product for anyone looking to attend Church services now that they are open again. 

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Watch this short video below (in Maltese) about the safety measures that local Churches are taking to ensure that anyone attending a service is kept safe. As with many other businesses and venues, anyone entering a place of worship will be temperature checked before they are allowed to enter. Hand sanitiser will be provided at the entrance and each person is asked to clean their hands. Additionally social distancing measures have been put in place so that worshippers can be kept at a safe distance from one another. The video specifically mentions Visors for Church as a recommended product.

A list of Churches now open and the times of their services can be found through this link via the local Curia on The site contains a wealth of information about COVID precautions and also displays the number of spaces available in each church, as per social distancing measures.


Face Shield

How much do Face Shields or Face Visors cost?

At PPE Malta we have managed to secure a large supply of Visors for Church and currently hold a number in stock and available for purchase. The price of one face shield is €4 and there are discounts for purchases of over 20 units or more. For larger groups who wish to purchase face shields at the best prices we recommend placing an order for 50 units as the price reduces further to just €3.50 per unit. We can also offer a 20% discount to any charities or local organisations who require face visors and will include a link to our website as a form of marketing. 

Order Face shields for just €4 from PPE Malta now


To place your order for Face shields or Visors for Church use as soon as possible please call us on 99990566 to avoid disappointment. Stock levels are constantly changing and we recommend contacting us to place your order as soon as possible. Alternatively we can be emailed at to contact our sales team who will be happy to help and answer any questions.


5 Reasons Visors / Shields are more popular than Facemasks:


1) Visors for Church are recommended by the Curia as the best product to wear during Mass. 

2) Face shields can be washed and re-used after use if kept clean and safe meaning they can be worn multiple times. 

3) Visors allow the wearer to receive the host and not have to remove the shield to do so which is the most hygienic and safest way. 

4) Face shields protect the eyes nose and mouth with a complete barrier unlike traditional masks that cover just the nose and mouth

5) Facial expressions such as smiles and communicating with fellow worshippers is much easier when wearing a visor when compared to wearing a mask



Order Face shields for just €4 from PPE Malta now

Reusable cloth masks in Malta


Face masks are now required to enter shops, public transport, restaurants and even gyms in Malta! As such having one is now essential for anyone who wishes to get back into their normal routine. While there are many types of masks out there, probably the most popular type is the reusable cloth masks in Malta. These masks are made out of cotton material and can be washed and reused multiple times making it ideal for regular daily use. The Government of Malta has instructed any persons in public areas that a mask is required and cloth masks are a durable option that can be used again and again. PPE Malta has all types of masks and shields in stock, ready to be collected from our office in Bahar ic Caghaq on a same day basis. To purchase cheap reusable cloth masks in Malta click the below button and be taken straight to our order form. 

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Reusable cloth masks in Malta are hugely popular as they can be washed and reused on a number of occasions. Whilst other types of masks can only be used once and then must be disposed of, the cotton mask allows wearers to use it multiple times. Not only that, but it is very comfortable to wear and many people comment that it is very easy to breath when being worn. Additionally the black masks form a tight seal around the nose and mouth which offers great protection against any airborne particles or droplets that may be in the air. 

Our cloth masks are available in plain black colour and the size offered is for adults or teenagers. At this time we do not stock any face masks for children. Why not purchase an ear protector to go with your reusable cloth masks in Malta for just €1. This product will mean you can wear the mask without having painful ears and can be used limitless times. As a special offer we are giving away 1 free ear protector with every 10 cotton masks purchased for the month of June. Contact us to benefit from this deal by email or phone. 


Black cloth mask gallery 3

How much do reusable masks or cotton masks cost?

As the restrictions in Malta are relaxed gradually the demand for PPE products such as face masks has spiked dramatically. Despite this, we are proud to have a number of different types of face masks in stock and available for immediate collection. Through our network of suppliers we have acquired top quality items such as N95 respirators, disposable masks and also face shields. All of our personal protective equipment products comply with all EU regulations and have passed  quality control tests. Reusable cloth masks in Malta are supplied in individually wrapped packets for hygiene reasons. 

We have a large number of cotton masks in stock and our prices start at just €3 per unit. Larger orders over 20 units benefit from a bulk discount bringing the unit price to just €2.70 per unit. We are very proud to offer some of the cheapest face masks in Malta and Gozo and even more important is that we have the items in stock today. For anyone requiring over 50 units the discount extends even further and brings the price down to €2.40 which makes our prices very attractive when compared to other suppliers on the local market. 

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As more businesses and venues begin to re-open in the coming weeks we are expecting huge demand for face masks and shields in Malta. As such we recommend purchasing your required PPE items ahead of time to avoid disappointment or any wait times. We are available either through email at or by calling 99990566. Contact our sales team today to discuss your requirements and to purchase Reusable cloth masks in Malta. 


5 Reasons reusable cloth masks are the best type of mask:


1) Cotton masks are the most comfortable mask to wear for long periods of time 

2) Cloth masks can be washed and reused multiple times if kept in good condition and treated with care

3) Black masks create a tight seal around the nose and mouth to offer good protection against any virus particles 

4) Reusable masks are lightweight and very small, they can be kept in pockets or in a bag and carried around easily

5) Cheap cotton masks are well priced at just €3 and will last for many weeks which means they are very economical and a good choice for regular use. 

Click to find out more information about Reusable cloth masks in Malta and the individual pricing including the bulk discount. Customers can also order cotton masks via our online page by submitting the relevant information and our sales team will get back to you. For immediate assistance please call 99990566 during office hours. 



Order cloth masks for just €3 from PPE Malta now Reusable cloth masks in Malta