Ear Guards in Malta

Save your ears from the pain of wearing a mask for many hours by using our ear guards. The one size fits all product is perfect for long use. 

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Ear Guards in Malta


This page contains information about face Mask holders that protect your ears. A very common problem that many people have reported in the last few weeks as the wearing of face masks has become more mandatory. 

Can you make your face mask more comfortable? YES is the answer! Let me tell you how by reading about Ear Guards in Malta below.

Rather than using your ears to keep your face mask on, is there an alternative? YES there is!

This small accessory is light, cheap, practical and convenient. Better still it can be worn with most masks. Not only is this great news for everyone who wears a face mask, but also very good news for children who will now be able to choose their preferred colour of ear protector to tailor the size to their individual requirements.

No more sore ears! The days of uncomfortable masks are behind you! These EAR PROTECTORS can be used repeatedly therefore they are very cost effective.

Don’t delay order yours today with prices starting from only €1, a small price to pay for the comfort that the product will bring!

Alternatively purchase a packet of 50 disposable facemasks and get 5 free ear protectors while stocks last.



Ear Guards in Malta

How do ear protectors work?


We all have to do our part to help slow the spread of coronavirus in Malta and that includes wearing a face covering in shops & on public transport. While you will see people wearing everything from bandannas to scarves in public most people tend to wear the traditional mask covering the mouth with elastic ear loops.

Unfortunately, these elastic loops do more than keep your mask securely in place, they are prone to causing irritation on the backs of your ears. With this simple yet clever product we can prevent irritation while wearing your facemask. The majority of us only wear a mask on Halloween! But now that we are wearing masks out in public on a regular basis, we need to find a solution for a comfortable mask


Ear Guards in Malta

How much do ear guards cost?


Ear Guards in Malta are a simple solution to the recent problem of having to wear face masks for a long duration of time. They slip onto the back of the head and then attach the ear loops of the face mask into a grip. Instead of the loops pulling onto the ears, they pull the protector and allow the mask to be worn tightly to the wearers mouth and nose but without causing any discomfort. It is a very simple and easy way to comfortably wear masks whilst at the same time being cheap and very effective!

This ear protector will solve your sore ear problems for the foreseeable future and will be worth its price after being worn for just a few hours! The product is easy to clean, long-lasting and most importantly very comfortable! The surface is smooth to prevent irritation of the skin. The ear saver is made of plastic therefore is soft and flexible and perfect for whole day usage. Simply wrap the masks straps around the protector rather than your ears. It caters for both adults and children head sizes and fits properly and comfortably around the back of the head.  


The price for Ear guards in Malta can be calculated using the table below. For customers requiring more than 100 units please email us for a specialised quote that will include delivery. Stock is limited and expected to sell out in the coming weeks. Why not try our ear savers today and take the pain out of wearing face masks.

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Qty Price Per unit
5 units € 5 € 1.0
10 units € 9 € 0.9
20 units € 18 € 0.9
30 units € 24 € 0.8
40 units € 32 € 0.8
50 units € 35 € 0.7
100 units € 60 € 0.6