Face Shields in Malta

Order a face shield that covers the full face and allows for easy breathing. The product is ideal for use in retail environments. Available in stock for same day collection or delivery!

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Face Shields in Malta


Face Shields are a great way to protect from the corona virus as they offer protection for the full face and not just the nose and mouth. They are often worn together with masks for two layers of security against the virus. With an assortment of different masks available on the market customers are not sure which product is best. Face shields are an ideal item of personal protective equipment as they do not cover just the nose and mouth but the whole face. Medical face shields in Malta are made to protect the wearer from any airborne particles that may be carrying the COVID19 virus. The heavy duty plastic material protects the wearer from any potential infectious molecules in the air and can be worn for a long duration of time comfortably. Face shields are ideal for those in the retail section as it enables staff members to communicate with customers easily with both facial expressions and speech. The see through plastic allows for a more friendly approach when compared to other masks in Malta. 



Face Shield


What is a face shield?


The much respected site Wikipedia has the following information in regards to face shields in Malta and how best to describe its function and level of protection;

”A face shield can be described as an item of  personal protective equipment (PPE), that aims to protect the wearer’s entire face (or part of it) from potentially infections materials (in medical and laboratory environments).” Wikipedia

How much are face shields?


One of the great benefits of purchasing face shields is that they can also be worn in conjunction with other masks which brings about even greater protection. For example the public can wear a surgical mask or N95 respirator together with the full face shield for added peace of mind. Additionally the product can be washed and re-used limitless times as long as the integrity of the shield is not damaged in anyway. This makes it a great investment which can be used again and again in the knowledge that the whole of the face is covered and can be accompanied by an additional piece of PPE. 

Our face shields are available to order today via email for delivery or collection the very same day. Due to the high requests recently our stock levels are changing on a daily basis and if you wish to pre-order face covers in Malta then please email with the required quantity to info@ppemalta.com. Our face shields are supplied individually packaged for the utmost hygiene standards. Minimum order for this type of faceshield 1 unit. Below please find a price list for face shields in Malta which are available for purchase. Prices do not include VAT or delivery which will incur additional charges. With a limited amount of stock available we recommend placing your order as soon as possible which will be confirmed via email. 


Face Shield in Malta

The price for reusable face shields in Malta can be calculated using the table below. For customers requiring more than 100 units please email us for a specialised quote that will include delivery. Stock is limited and expected to sell out in the coming weeks. 

Qty Price Per Unit
5 units €15 €3
10 units €30 €3
20 units €55 €2.75
30 units €75 €2.50
40 units €96 €2.40
50 units €115 €2.30
100 units €200 €2.00