KN95 Masks in Malta

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KN95 Face Masks in Malta


KN95 Face masks are one of the best masks available in the market both locally and also internationally. Quite simply it provides a tight seal around the nose mouth and chin which other masks do not offer. The mask is lightweight and comfortable to wear with breathing room for the wearer. The adjustable straps that are placed behind the ears are soft and this is important for those who will wear the mask for an extended length of time. The KN95 respirator is the best option for staff who will be coming into contact with many people in their daily duties at work.  



N95 Mask


What is an KN95 mask?


The much respected site Wikipedia has the following information in regards to the KN95 Face Masks in Malta and how best to describe its function and level of protection;

”An KN95 mask or KN95 respirator is a particulate-filtering facepiece respirator that meets the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health KN95 classification of air filtration, meaning that it filters at least 95% of airborne particles.” Wikipedia

How much are KN95 masks?


Our KN95 face masks are available in stock to order today by sending us an email They are supplied in packets of 5 – and the minimum order is 5 units. The sample image shows the style of the respirator and also the ‘CE’ mark confirming that the product is certified in Europe. Below please find a price list for KN95 masks in Malta which are available. Prices do not include VAT or delivery which will incur additional charges. With a limited amount of stock available we recommend placing your order as soon as possible which will be confirmed via email. 


N95 Respirator

Qty Price Per unit
5 masks € 12.50 € 2.5
10 masks € 24 € 2.4
20 masks € 44 € 2.2
30 masks € 60 € 2.0
50 masks € 90 € 1.8
100 masks € 150 € 1.5

The price for KN95 Face Masks in Malta can be calculated using the table below. For customers requiring more than 100 units please email us for a specialised quote that will include delivery. Stock is limited and expected to sell out in the coming weeks. KN95 masks are supplied in quantities of 5 units together with plastic packaging. We do not supply any orders of less than 5 units and due to the nature of the product cannot accept returns. Email us on to place your order today.