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Check below for a list of frequenly asked questions about masks. Such as ‘Can I re-use facemasks’ and ‘Which is the best mask’

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Information on Facemasks in Malta


Can wearing a face mask help protect me from coronavirus?

The simple answer to this question is yes and below we will go into more detail about the various types of masks and what protection they offer. The Maltese government announced on 1st May that as from 4th May anyone entering shops or on public transport would be required to wear some form of face covering. After various studies many governments in Europe have now changed their advice and are insisting that everyone wears masks when they are in public. As so many people around the world are now incorporating face masks into their daily lives it is a reminder of the strange times we live in. With lockdown restrictions being eased across Europe the need for masks has never been more in demand.


Can facemasks really make a difference in our battle against COVID-19?


Face masks have undoubtedly played a role in limiting the spread of COVID-19 in certain countries and will be a key tool used to help prevent any further spread. To understand why face masks have been so effective it is important to look at how the virus that causes COVID-19 spreads. One of the most common masks in Malta is the surgical mask which can be worn once and then disposed of. This mask does not offer a tight seal around the nose and mouth but it does prevent any particles leaving a wearers nose or mouth.

Once a person has become infected the virus responsible for the disease attacks their cells to replicate itself. As it multiplies in the body these new virus particles then burst out of the cells an become suspended in the bodily fluids which are commonly found in our lungs, mouth and nose. When an infected person coughs or sneezes they can send showers of tiny droplets filled with the virus into the air. A single cough can produce up to 3,000 droplets of which the larger droplets will quickly settle onto nearby surfaces while smaller ones remain suspended in the air. Studies have shown that the virus can linger in the air for several hours and still infect people if inhaled. This important Information on Facemasks in Malta will help us get through the situation together with the minimum amount of health issues possible. 

How does a face mask work in preventing the spread of the virus?


When worn correctly, any type of face mask can prevent these droplets being spread into the air or onto surfaces. In indoor environments the airborne particles seem to be particularly prone to spreading through the air, including transport such as buses trains planes. Face masks help to reduce transmission in the community particularly when mixing with other people in close proximity such as at shops or on public transport. One of the reasons that governments have changed their advice to now adopt widespread public face mask wearing is because of the prevalence of asymptomatic carriers who can still spread the virus unknowingly. By making all members of the public wear masks when they leave homes this ensures that even those infected by the virus but who are not showing symptoms cannot spread to others. Many younger people under the aged of 35 have been tested positive for the virus without appearing to have any symptoms and they could have been in various public places infecting surfaces that others may come into contact with. Additionally wearing a mask ensures that the wearer cannot spread the virus before they start to fall ill and show symptoms.

Which face mask is the most effective?

The most effective mask available to public appears to be the N95 mask which is made to surgical standards and can offer the wearer great protection. The mask forms a tight seal around the nose and mouth area and this enables the product to filter out 95% of airborne particles. The N95 respirator as it is sometimes known can be re-used up to 5 times if handled correctly according to the CDC website. This is ideal for people who are required to leave the house regularly for work or to visit family members.  N95 facemasks are very popular as they are comfortable to wear and allow for relatively easy breathing when compared to other products. Re-usable masks in Malta are subject to the facemask being treated correctly and that care is taken when putting on and removing the mask.

Where can I buy facemasks in Malta?


At PPE Malta we stock a number of different types of masks depending on the intended use. Below find some links to our product pages where you can read details and check out the prices for each type of mask before moving to the order page. Should you have any specific questions about masks in Malta then please do let us know or alternatively there is a wealth of Information on Facemasks in Malta available on the internet about usage instructions and recommendations. We stock most items for immediate collection or delivery but as stocks are in high demand at the moment please let us know what you require and we will do our best to ensure that you receive the PPE equipment.


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Can I re-use facemasks?

We have found this article written by a lecturer at the University of Malta about which types of masks can be re-used very informative. For those of you looking to check which type of mask will best suit your requirements we suggest you read the article to fully understand the limitations of which face masks can be re-used and the Information on Facemasks in Malta

Surgical masks – This is a one time use product made of 3 layers of protective filters. It offers basic protection against touching the mouth and nose but does not offer a tight seal around the nose and mouth. As such airborne particles can still make their way into a wearers body via airborne particles.

N95 masks – This is a reusable mask which when handled correctly can be used up to 5 times. It offers protection of up to 95% of airborne particles and forms a tight seal around the nose and mouth. This product offers the wearer very strong protection against any potential infection.

Face shields – This is reusable shield which has unlimited use so long as the integrity of the product is retained. The durable plastic material covers not only the mouth and nose but the full face for added protection. This product can be worn in addition to another type of mask for added protection.

Why should I wear a face mask?


Certainly in recent weeks governments around the world have come to the shared conclusion that wearing masks in public could make a significant difference. Not only will it help to keep infection rates down as people come out of lockdown but it can reduce the spread of infection and help reduce the dispersal of the virus onto nearby surfaces when people cough and sneeze. There is now plenty of Information on Facemasks in Malta and provided enough people adhere to the recommendation to wear masks when going out in public it could have a dramatic impact on the transmission rate. This factor combined with other measures such as social distancing and regular and thorough hand washing will help to halt the spread of the virus and bring about a normal way of life in the near future. After all, wearing face masks is a small price to pay for keeping ourselves and the people around us safe and well.


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