Visors in Malta

Order a visor that covers the full face and allows for easy breathing. Visors in Malta are ideal for use in retail environments as it allows the face to be visible to customers. 

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Visors in Malta


The World Health Organisation (WHO) and local authorities are constantly updating their guidance when it comes to the containment of COVID-19. As new evidence and studies come to light, more is known about this virus and how we can better protect ourselves from catching or spreading this disease. Visors are becoming increasingly common in Malta and Gozo and will soon become the norm in all retail outlets as and when these re-open for business. This item of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has the benefit of shielding the eyes, nose and mouth in one go rather than requiring goggles and a mask. Many retail employees have struggled to communicate effectively with masks which can muffle a voice and have no ability to ‘lip read’. The visor allows for easier communication while still providing excellent protection. Retail outlets in Malta and Gozo are fast realizing that a Visor is the ideal product for their personnel in the current climate.



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What is a visor?


A visor is defined as: a movable part (of a helmet) that can be pulled down to cover the face. The face shields that we offer are attached using a head strap pulled over the wearers head and this keeps the visor in place. The durable plastic shield protects the face from any airborne particles and can be worn over a face mask for added protection. One of the great benefits of a face visor is that the eyes and mouth are visible which is important in certain situations when interaction is required.

How much are Visors in Malta?


Visors are easily worn for extended periods and will likely be more comfortable than wearing a mask for a full shift or day in the workplace. Because of their longevity, Visors are more expensive than disposable masks which are often discarded after a short period of use. Please check pricing table below to see the cost of Visors in Malta – All prices exclude VAT and delivery is available at an additional charge. Collection is free.  

Where can I buy visors?

Masks have been the default product used thus far but people are reporting that wearing a mask for an entire workday can make them quite uncomfortable. As such, individuals have sought an alternative solution which is relatively comfortable for a longer period of time.

Many of our Customers are taking advantage of the availability of Visors and Masks to create a two-pronged approach. By wearing a visor and a mask together, Employers can be comfortable that they are doing everything in their power to provide a safe working environment for their personnel. Likewise, staff who have been provided with Visors and Masks are re-assured that their employer is taking all available steps to ensure their welfare in the workplace.

Due to the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in, stock levels are changing on an hourly basis making it impossible to keep the Website completely up to date. To place an order please fill in the Order Form below or alternatively email us on


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The price for reusable visors in Malta can be calculated using the table below. For customers requiring more than 100 units please email us for a specialised quote that will include delivery. Stock is limited and expected to sell out in the coming weeks. 

For more information about Visors in Malta and how they should be worn in conjunction with another mask read this article from the local authorities

Qty Price Per Unit
5 units 21 4.2
10 units 40 4
20 units 80 4
30 units 114 3.8
40 units 152 3.8
50 units 175 3.5
100 units 320 3.2