Wearing 2 masks in Malta

What is the most up to date mask guidance?

Government guidance on the wearing of Masks has been changing ever since Covid-19 burst onto the scene in early 2020. Potentially due to the lack of masks available, the general public were initially advised not to wear masks to safeguard supplies for front line medical staff. As masks became more widely available, masks became recommended before becoming mandatory in many countries including Malta.

People have become extremely creative in the use of facemasks, particularly as sometimes they need to be worn for an extended time period in certain situations. Unfortunately, in a few cases this has meant that the masks being worn are not providing adequate protection for the wearer and those in their proximity. Some countries including Germany, have mulled the idea of mandating medical grade N95/KN95 type masks to ensure the spread of Covid-19 is restricted.

What is double masking?

To give additional protection, many individuals are now wearing 2 masks in Malta at the same time – ‘multi-masking’ or ‘double-masking’. This process involves wearing a surgical mask or KN95 mask applied directly onto the face. Additionally, a cloth mask is placed over/on top of the first mask. The second mask ensures that the first mask is a good close fit and provides an additional layer of protection against any airborne pathogens which may be circulating.

International bodies such as the CDC in America have also encouraged the adoption ‘Double Masking’, particularly in areas where quality masks are in low supply. On a local level, the Maltese Government have not changed their official policy when it comes to the wearing of Masks. Superintendent of Public Health Charmaine Gauci was recently quoted as saying that a single Cloth mask gives sufficient protection provided it consists of 3 layers which our cotton masks do. 

Should I wear a mask and a visor?

Visors were the product of choice for many at the start of the pandemic. These visors are far more comfortable when being worn for prolonged periods. As new information has come to light it has become increasingly clear that wearing a visor alone does not provide a suitable level of protection against Covid 19. Visors are now typically worn with an additional face mask which sits tightly on the face to form a ‘seal’ around the mouth and nose area. This is another example of multi-masking to find the right balance between comfort and protection.

Surgical masks are another form of mask which have become less popular as the pandemic wears on. Initially, people often struggled to find better types of mask and settled for a surgical mask due to lack of alternative options. However, these are only intended for short periods and will be ineffective if used for several days/weeks in a row. If someone is wearing a surgical mask it would be highly recommended to supplement this with an additional cloth mask or KN95 mask.

Should you be wearing 2 masks in Malta?

Common sense would seem to suggest that the more layers of protection are being worn, the safer for both the wearer and anyone in close contact with them. We suggest double masking where possible and practical to keep yourself and those around you as safe as possible during these difficult times. Our cotton masks can be washed regularly which ensures they are both clean and offering the wearer protection against any airborne particles. 

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Wearing 2 masks in Malta
Wearing 2 masks in Malta such as a cotton mask and a surgical mask