Washable masks in Malta


One of the most popular PPE products that we are currently selling are Washable masks in Malta. These masks are made of cotton material and offer excellent protection as they are made of 3 layers also known as 3 ply. Black cloth mask gallery 3They are slightly elasticated meaning they can be worn by adults, teenagers and even children over approximately 10 years old. Cloth masks are very popular as they can be cleaned in a washing machine or by hand and then reused multiple times. This makes them a great mask for regular use such as at work, school or even just popping out to the shops. As the government recently announced that masks should be worn in all indoor and outdoor settings this product has become the most popular in Malta. While other masks can only be used once or a few times, washable masks in Malta have a very long life and can be worn for weeks or even months if handled with care. 

Washable masks in Malta

Washable masks in Malta are supplied in plain black colour and we have a large number in stock for either collection or delivery. Prices for these masks start at €3 with discounts for large bulk orders over 20 units. You can find out more information on the product and the pricing for up to 100 masks here. We also work with a local supplier who offers printing onto the mask which is popular for companies to give to their staff. To enquire about custom printed masks in Malta call us on 99990566 or send us an email with your request to info@ppemalta.com. Production time for customized masks is roughly 5 working days from confirmation of artwork and order. Plain reusable masks are in stock and available on a same day collection basis or next day delivery via courier. 

Ear Guards in Malta









Now that masks are required to be worn for long durations – and sometimes the whole day – we have added another product toEar Guards in Malta our range. Ear protectors can be worn behind the head and then attached to the elastic part of the mask which is meant for the ears. This simple product will make wearing a mask much more comfortable as the painful feeling of the mask pulling on the ears will not happen. Ear guards are available in a number of different colours and we have the product in stock. Check out more information on ear protectors and how they can be used in conjunction with Washable masks in Malta. It will arguably be the best €1 you ever spend – especially if you wear the mask for many hours a day. Discounts are available for bulk orders on this one size fits all product. 

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