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FFP2 Masks

What are FFP2 Masks?

FFP2 masks in Malta are a highly item of PPE that offer great protection to the wearer. They are universally known as the safest product to wear against the COVID-19 virus and many airlines insist that passengers wear this type of mask. FFP2 respirators are the ideal way to prevent the spread of any airborne particles and they protect against 95% of these harmful germs. The product is easily recognisable due to its appearance of looking like a duck / beak. The mask covers the nose, mouth and chin of the wearer with a tight fit – and this is how it offers such strong protection. The metal band over the nose area allows it to be adjusted to fit the size and shape of the face. The product has other names such as KN95 masks or even N95 masks. These are all very slight variations in design or manufacture but are essentially the same product. A FFP2 mask is seen as the best type of product on the market and healthcare workers normally use these.

KN95 masks
FFP2 masks

How long can you wear FFP2 Masks?

The continued COVID situation in Malta has seen an increase in demand for KN95 masks due to the highly contagious OMICRON variant. This variant is more contagious and people are looking for a mask that offers them a high level of protection. Many people ask how long it can be worn for – and this depends on the surroundings that it is being worn. If it is a relatively safe environment with people respecting social distance then it can be worn for many hours. Certainly a FFP2 mask should not be re-used and should be removed straight away if it is damaged or gets ripped. The tight fit around the face is one of the main strong points of this mask and if it starts to become slightly loose it should be removed and destroyed. The consensus timeframe of how long it should be worn seems to be about 8-12 hours of continued usage in normal conditions. 

Can I reuse FFP2 Masks?

 This question and answer is similar to how long the mask can be worn – it depends on the surroundings that the mask is being worn. Consensus seems to say that if the environment is controlled with good ventilation and adequate social distancing the mask can be reused. See this press release from the British Medical Journal stating that as long as the mask is ‘stored in a sealable bag’.  If the respirator is being used in a very busy setting such as a factory or warehouse with little ventilation and close contact with other people then it is recommended that the mask not be reused. What is of crucial importance is that the mask is not damaged or put out of shape in anyway and that the seal around the mouth and nose remains tight at all times. If this is not the case, the mask should be discarded of safely and in accordance with local regulations. With the highly contagious OMICRON variant circulating in Malta it is always best to air on the side of caution and dispose of the mask if in any doubt. Masks are the Number 1 way to combat the spread and FFP2 masks in Malta are the best for of defence one can wear.

KN95 Masks in Malta

FFP2 Masks are available from PPE Malta with next day delivery to all areas. You can also collect any orders from our office in St Pauls Bay – search for Malta Wristbands on google maps. The item is currently in stock and are individually wrapped for best practice and your peace of mind. Click here to order FFP2 Masks with the best prices and discounts for bulk orders over 50 units. The KN95 masks can be worn alone or for extra protection can be worn with other face coverings such as the plastic face shields which we also stock. For those in high risk environments it is recommended to wear a mask and a shield for maximum protection. Our FFP2 respirators are worn by using the elastic around the ears and come in white colour only. The masks include a very thin metal strip across the bridge of the nose which can then be tightened and adjusted to fit the contours of the wearer. For more information about the product including a list of quantities and prices of KN95 masks please click here. The minimum quantity available for this product is 5 masks. Call 99990566 if you require any further information on FFP2 respirators and we will be glad to help. 

KN95 Masks
FFP2 Masks

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